What They Wish They Knew In Their 20’s

Ironically, the hardest thing in life is to live.

We, including myself, are all guilty of wasting many moments on stupid time-wasters, egoistic bullshit and pathetic worries.

But for some amazing reason, we can always give this very moment a new meaning and become our own Gods.

A while ago I put together this ebook (FREE download), and Jesus must be gay not to admit this is a pretty awesome guide on life! Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 01.03.27

Out of 100+ people in their 30- 60’s, their main life lessons (regrets) are:

– they didn’t really understand just how FAST they would turn 30
– they put things off, which could have been done TODAY
– held on to negative emotions
– not loving themselves
– they wish they had travelled more
– they let fear dominate their choice of career
– staying “safe” instead of doing what they really wanted
– not having more sex and with more partners
– not being smart about money
– not holding a stronger bond to their family
– kept negative people in their lifes
– working too much
– being too serious



Download Regrets In Life here


TOP 10 Docs: Digital Entrepreneurship

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 12.13.13

Digital Entrepreneurship:

Profiles of the entrepreneurs who used technology to change the world.

1. The Life Of A Young Entrepreneur
2. Profile: Google’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin
3. Profile: Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg
4. Starting-Up in America
5. The Biography of Bill Gates
6. Inside Google: The Billion Dollar Machine
7. Steve Jobs: One Last Thing
8 . Steve Jobs: The Billion Dollar Hippy
9. Elon Musk: Risk Takers
10. The Story of Twitter

7 Great Ressources For More Money And Freedom

Hey just a few good ressources that I use, that you can check out (if you don’t already know about them). They’re pretty good and has taught me a WHOLE bunch of what I now know.

Podcast – more than 700 interviews about mostly entrepreneurship.
London Real
Video interviews with successful people.
Blog on bodybuilding and online business. Not so practical, more motivational.
Blog on mostly how to have sex with many girls, but also about other stuff like bodybuilding, nutrition, online business, etc.
Nomad Capitalist
Blog on how to make money online.
Rsd Freetour
Video blog on confidence, success, life and dating more and girls.
Art Of Charm
Podcast on confidence, life, etc.

“I’m going to die on this treadmill…”

Desperation is good.

Deadlines is good.

So Force a deadline on yourself and stick to it.


Quit your job this week and set the last working date 2 months ahead.

Is it scary? Yes.

Make it, so it’s like “This is it!” Make sure there’s no turning back.

I’m scared. You should be too.

If you aren’t scared of your goal, then it isn’t BIG enough!

The goal: make enough money online to live off of it, or 2: starve.

This man says it brilliantly:



– Liam


Smart And Awesome!



It’s been a while..

What have I been doing for the last couple of months?

I’ve been hustling.

Did you keep hustling or did you stop at some point?

Pick your self up today!


As you can see on these stats, the traffic on this blog has increased over the months. This blog was purely experimental and now I feel the experiement is complete.


goodlyfeblog stats


Conclusion of the experiment: if you keep updating a blog, the traffic will increase.

I didn’t write anything special or unique on this blog. Basically I just posted some thoughts, pictures or videos once in a while.

Now the real deal starts.

– and it starts on:



For purely smart and awesome things.

On the new blog we’ll join each others journeys towards financial and location freedom.


I’m looking forward to see you there! 


– Liam

I’m Grinding – Are You?

As I’m writing this I’m laying in bed, exhausted.

9 AM this morning exhausted Liam jumped on his bed after a 10 hour nightshift. And he’s going again tonight.

Not ready to go again – but going anyway.

Dreaming about traveling, fun, business all the time – but staying patient and doing the necessary groundwork one babystep at a time.





Success in the making is simply years of boring, hard work.

One week ago I put the first $1000 into a savings account for investing in properties in Asia 2-5 years from now.

Did you grind yesterday?

If not, then you are probably staying in the same place 5 years from now.

If you did grind, your future you will thank you BIG TIME!

You can read it in the ebook “Regrets in life” (free) that I put together for you.

“I wish I saved up money…”, “I wish I was more patient…”

My 54 year old stepdad surely wish he saved up money, since he are now hustling just to pay the bills.. at 54! You should be rich by that time!

My savings:

  • 40% for real estate investing in 2016
  • 30% for moving to Thailand in 2015
  • 8% for Europe interrail trip 2015
  • 4% for domain renewals 2015
  • 10% business
  • 8%  living expenses

So start grinding! (or continue doing it) and save up money every month for years and then invest!




$1 will grow to THOUSANDS in a few years. 




– Liam